What is Agent Messenger?

Agent Messenger is a widget that you can use to report voice quality or other softphone issues while on, or after a call.

The details you provide will really help fix problems.

Reporting issues is quick and easy,

Start by clicking on the widget and select REPORT

Now, click on Category and select the option that most closely describes your issue:

  • Softphone would not work

  • Poor sound quality

  • Delay in the conversation

  • Call disconnected

  • Customer could not hear me

  • Could not hear the customer

  • Missed call, the softphone did not ring

  • Something else

Next, click on How bad was it? to capture the scale of the problem:

  • Terrible

  • Difficult

  • Minor

You have the option to add Comments with any details you think may help find and fix the issue.

Finally select Report issue - and then the X (top right hand corner) to minimise the widget, if there are any issues or you get an error message, just drop us an email on support@operata.com

How can I move the widget, so it does not get in my way?

When the widget is in a closed state the tab can be dragged up and down.

In an open state, it can be centred left or right the your browser window, see below.

I need some assistance or have feedback?

Just email support@operata.com

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