If the agent is corporate office based then the Agents LAN IP address is the one allocated by the corporate network (normally by a DHCP service).

If the agent homeworking and not using a VPN then we see Agent true local IP address (Class C) if they are using a VPN then we see the IP address allocated by corporate DHCP policy


Operata sees the IP address that is presented to the API endpoint as the route the agent takes to the public internet. This is generally the same route taken for other public internet traffic like Google, Facebook, YouTube etc.

Operata then does an IP lookup to determine the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and associated geolocation-based information.

Important notes:

  • If Voice Media (UDP) is treated differently (proxy bypass for example), then the IP address we capture may not be the same as the voice media path.

  • The Network Performance scores (RTT, Jitter, Packet Loss and MOS) are always for the Voice Media (UDP) path.

  • The ISP provider look-up is not 100% accurate, specifically the location.

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