What is it?

To make it even easier to deploy Operata and to support voice in leading apps including salesforce.com, ServiceNow and Zendesk. Operata has released our fully featured browser extension: Agent Experience Collector for Chrome.

Agent Experience Collector is also available via our SDK

Is it available on my Operata plan?

Yes! This is available on all new and existing Operata plans.

How do I enable/disable this feature?

Agent Experience Collector is pre-enabled on your account. Enablement will vary depending on how you use Operata today, and what components you wish to enable.

Please refer to our installation & configuration docs for further information

I need some assistance. Who can I speak to?

You can chat with our support team or email support@operata.com

Where can I find more information?

You can read about the full Aria release here:

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