The data Operata collects and correlates can be accessed using the Operata API using a Simple API ‘GET’ request to using Basic Auth

  • Username is the Group ID
  • Password is the API token generated in the Config section of Operata

All API requests can pull details for a specific time period by adding:


Various levels of detail can be extracted

Contact Summary

Call Summary Data - /data/calls

  • High Level detail found in the ‘GET THE DETAILS’ dashboard

Complete Contact Record

Call Summary record by contactID - /data/calls/{contactID}

  • Contact Flow Summary (UTC) - set attributes, queue, etc
  • Softphone Summary - Agent, location, network, browser, custom attributes, network performance measures, etc
  • Contact Trace Summary - Connected, on hold, etc
  • Softphone Events - Incoming, connected - to ended

Detailed Contact Stats

Per Second data by contactID - /data/calls/{contactID}/details

  • Per Second network and MOS performance data

CCP logs

The CCP log data collected - /data/ccpLogs/

  • CCP logs collected.
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