AWS Services

Operata data collection takes place both within the customers AWS environment (Cloud Collector) and at the Agent (Agent Experience Collector)

Cloud Collector

Operata Cloud Collector consumes two customer paid for AWS Services:

AWS Lambda

  • AWS Lambda has a fixed price of US$0.20 per 1M requests
  • AWS Lambda has a variable duration costs of 0.0000002083 per 100ms (based on the 128 Mb Memory allocated by Operata)
  • 1,000,000 calls consume US$3.11 of AWS Lambda

AWS Kinesis

  • Assumes one shard is sufficient (ingest capacity of 1MB/sec or 1000 records/sec)
  • At 10 calls (records) per second with a record size of 10kb (Operata record size is lower) costs are US$13.94 per Month.

Agent Experience Collector

No additional AWS services are needed if a customer already has a custom CCP, however where customers are using the generic CCP hosted by AWS, then a customer version will need to be hosted, which needs the following elements:

AWS Route 53 (new CCP URL)

  • US$ 0.50 per month (per unique URL)

AWS CloudFront (to serve Custom CCP)

  • Monthly Regional Data Transfer Out to Internet (per GB) first 10Tb - US$0.114 (CCP and Streams pulls @1.3Mb whenever launched)
  • US$0.0125 per 10,000 HTTPS requests.

AWS S3 (to store the Custom CCP client)

  • First 50 TB per month -US $0.025 per GB (CCP and Steams are @1.3Mb)

Pricing assumptions:

Costs assume non discounted pricing from AWS.

All pricing based on Asia Pacific (Sydney) AWS region.


The new Operata Agent Experience Collector for Chrome (Q1 2021) removes all this cost and complexity.

Customer data network

Agent softphone and PC performance data is collected then securely sent over the network and/or internet connection to the Operata platform, but what is the overhead?

  • Operata sends @500 Bytes of data every 10 seconds per agent, so for example 1,000 concurrent agents will use 50Kbps of data network.

PC Capacity

PC Performance impacts

There is a small overhead while pulling and loading the Operata JS libraries.

In the main we are collecting data that is already created (MOS calculation is the exception)

  • Operata JS client install and data forwarding will drive a small increase in PC usage.

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