Operata Workflows automate actions when MOS levels or network conditions have met a defined threshold, you can even send an event when Agents report an issue if you have the Agent Reported Issue feature enabled.

Send an email or push a WebHook to a third party application (recommended) whenever the threshold you have configured is reached.

The first page lists the Workflows that have been created and gives options to change their STATUS to  on/off, Delete or Edit them

Selecting the +CREATE WORKFLOW starts the Workflow creation wizard.

The first option is to choose what will trigger the Workflow.

  • The Amazon Connect option takes events from the data network or calculated MOS

  • The Operata Assist option triggers based on Agent responses to questions asked via the Agent Assist icon

  • The Jabra option takes Jabra headsets performance statistics (where enabled)

Selecting Amazon Connect and NEXT gives options on what event to trigger on.

Any of the four network based performance measures can trigger an event:

  • MOS score

  • Packet Loss

  • Jitter

  • RTT (Latency)

Note: If you have Agent Issue notification enabled, you can trigger events when agents report issues.

As an example, Selecting MOS and NEXT moves to the following screen

This screen defines the action to take..

  • The Agent Notification option triggers a notification on the Agent Assist icon that can reside on the Agents desk-top.

  • Send Email does just that (see below for more details on the content of the email you can send.

  • Invoke WebHook is used to event into a third party application, Operata uses uses basic authentication in Headers to secure WebHook messages.

Selecting Invoke WebHook and NEXT moves to the screen below.

This screen lets you set the level at which the event will trigger, the WebHook URL, Method, Headers and Body.
Add the details to match where the WebHook event will be sent and then NEXT 

Finally update the Workflow Name and Tag - then NEXT to move forward.

Your new Workflow appears in the Workflow List.

The example Workflow will send a WebHook whenever a call has an average MOS of less than 3.5.

Email Content

When you select Send Email as a notification, you can add variables to the email body to give the email some context.

Simply paste the parameters below into the email Body

[[range .Hits]]

Agent: [[.Source.agent]]

CallId: [[.Source.callContactId]]

Average MOS: [[.Source.mos.avg]]

Average Jitter: [[.Source.jitter.avg]]


The Agent, CallId, MOS and Jitter variables are just examples, use any of the variables you can see in the JSON payload to add into the body of the email.

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