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This is what appears when you login to the Operata Platform:

Expand and collapse the Menu Bar

Select the Operata icon to expand and collapse the Menu Bar.

Using the Time Range filter

By default, Operata shows data for the last 15 minutes.

Click on 'Last 15 Minutes' to change the Time Range for the displayed information.

Note: Switch Auto Refresh to OFF to freeze the data displayed (don't worry, it's still collected in the background).

Select either QUICK or ABSOLUTE if you want to see data for a specific time period.

Expert filters

Many of the pages have filters to select the most common parameters.

You can also create more complex, multi-parameter filters by selecting the +add filter icon highlighted above.

Once selected, choose between Field, Operator and Value to refine the filter, adding multiple filters if necessary.

Note: the filter Value drop-downs reveal a handful of possible options, that may well not be the value you need, simply enter the value you want where prompted.

Note: the x.keyword values are case sensitive, so be careful when entering Agent ID's.

When finished select Save.

Details of the filter are shown and the page will update..
Select the x to remove the filters.

Advanced Filters!

For the programmers using this tool - there is the Edit as Query DSL option, here you can create more complex queries - find out here..

Switching Groups 

If you are a Teammate in more than one Operata Group, you can toggle between them using the Switch Group function.

Select Switch Group, then use the dropdown to select the Group you want and finally select SWITCH GROUP to make the change.


The Settings section at the bottom of the Menu bar reveals the Configs, Teammate and Deployment options.


The Softphone section allows you to change your Amazon Connect CCP Access URL.

Simply update and then select SAVE.

The Simulate section shows the parameters associated to the account.

Your Dialler SID details may need needed by the Operata support team if there are issues making calls from Simulate,

Importantly it details the maximum Calls Per Second (contact Operata is you need this to be increased) and allows you whitelist 'To' numbers (The phone numbers that can be dialled by a Simulate campaign).

To whitelist a number, type the full international number (+61 xxxxx etc) into the box and then the Return key on your keyboard - the number will appear in the list.

Note: Operata need to be contacted if the To numbers needed are international or toll-free type numbers


The Teammate option is where you create new Teammates within the Group you are logged into. 

Select +TEAMMATE to add someone.

Fill in the details, selecting the Role 'Group Admin' (can create other Teammates and has full access) or the Role 'Group User' (can view but not create anything)
Then select SAVE to create the Teammate.

More details on what the Group Admin and Group User roles can be found here..

They will be sent emails to validate their email address and then login details.


This page has details of the how to deploy the Operata code snippets into your Connect softphone (CCP) so we can collect data network performance details.

Note: CCP can be deployed in many different ways, we are always more than happy to help get this working quickly, answering any questions you may have -  just contact us.


The Profile option shows details of your account Name, Role and Email address and allows you to change your password.

Simply enter and confirm your new password and select SAVE

Operata modules

The top of the menu bar gives access to the Operata modules available to you, choose the buttons below to discover how to use them.

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